Adding Data and Metrics to your Account Dashboards

Your Account page Dashboards provide a single source of truth for customer attributes and metrics. These Dashboards are highly flexible and simple to configure, ensuring that only the most relevant data and metrics are at the surface and ready to use. 

First you need to create your first Account Dashboard by clicking the +Add a Dashboard button, adding a Title/name for the dashboard and toggling on/off the privacy button as you see fit. [Below]

Now you are ready to add custom metrics and attributes to the dashboard. Start by going to the  Analytics tab, where you will see the list of metrics you are tracking in Akita. Click on a metric you would like to add to the Dashboard. Hover your cursor on the graph/widget and click the Pin icon that appears in the bottom left corner. In the pop-up, select the Dashboard you want to add it to (plus re-name/label it for the Dashboard if required) and click Save and Close. [Below]

Returning to the  Dashboards tab, you will see the metric/widget is positioned on the Dashboard. You can re-size the widget by dragging on the bottom right corner (you can also move it around the Dashboard by dragging and dropping the top left corner). [Below]

You can also add other types of Customer data to Dashboards e.g. field data ingested from a 3rd party app or via API. To do this, click on the Details tab, hover on the field you would like to see in the Dashboard and click on the Pin that appears on the right-hand-side. As above, a pop-up box will appear, select the Dashboard you want to add it to and click Save and Close. [Below]

Returning to the Dashboards tab, you will see the field/widget you selected is positioned at the bottom of the Dashboard. You can re-size the widget by dragging on the bottom left and re-position it by dragging and dropping on the top left of the widget.

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