Creating Custom Fields

If you need to record custom data (that isn't available to push into Akita via one of the integration channels), you can create Custom Fields. Custom fields will enable you to capture and display key data points. Custom field data is also available to use in filters for creating Segments and Health Scores, as well as triggering Playbooks and Notifications.

Firstly, navigate to the Settings page [Below].

On the top right-hand-side of the page, click on + Create. A dialogue box will pop up [Below] 

Here you are presented with a number of options [Below].

  • * For — Choose whether you want the field to be available on the Contact OR on the Account record.
  • * Label — The field label
  • * Type — You can choose to select one of a number of different types of field...
    • Text 
    • Date
    • Drop-down
    • True / False
    • Paragraph

Click the  Submit button and you will see the field has been created. You can click into the Preview field to se the results. If you need to make any changes there are Edit and Delete options to the right [Below].

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