Configuring Playbook Settings

There are 5 settings to consider before activating a playbook:

"Delete open tasks when playbook is cancelled?"

Playbooks can be triggered when Accounts (or Contacts) match specified criteria. You can also configure a Playbook to be cancelled when those criteria no longer apply. When the playbook is cancelled, you may have open tasks that were previously created. Enabling this feature will delete these previously created tasks if they have not yet been marked as complete or skipped.

"Can this playbook be triggered more than once?"
Some Playbooks should only ever happen one time (ex. "New Customer Onboarding", "Customer Churned Exit Survey"). Conversely, some Playbooks might be ran several times (ex. "Health Score Dropped", "Quarterly Business Review"). Enabling this feature will allow Playbooks to be triggered more than once for a given Account or Contact.

"How many days must elapse before it can be triggered again?"

"Can two of these playbooks be running simultaneously?"
If you have specified that a Playbook can be triggered more than once (for a given Account or Contact), you can also specify if an Account or Contact can have multiple instances of a specific Playbook running at the same time. If this is set to "No", any applicable Playbook Triggers will be ignored.
"Should this Playbook automatically repeat?"

It is often useful to have Playbooks repeat indefinitely. Examples might be "Quarterly Business Reviews"--these should repeat every 90 days. To enable this feature, set this to "Yes". In addition, you will need to specify how many days should elapse and whether to start counting on the day the Playbook is triggered or the day the Playbook is completed.

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