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How to Mass Delete/Update Tasks in Akita

With Akita, as well as updating Tasks 1-by-1, you can apply mass logic to selections of Tasks i.e. 

  • Delete
  • Follow
  • Unfollow
  • Assign to…
  • Reschedule…
  • Update Status…

First you will need to decide which Tasks you need to apply changes to. This can be achieved using filters. You can apply the same logic you use when creating Segments ( There are lots of options e.g. Assigned to, Status, Due Date, Accounts Name, Playbook name

To add Columns to your table, also follow the same procedure as when building Segments (  

Once you are happy with the list you have created, you can either check the box at the top-left of the table to 'select all' Tasks OR you can check the box next to each Task you want to change.

Once you have selected all of the Tasks you want to update, click on the Apply button and your options will drop down. Select the relevant option and click OK in the box that appears.

[See Gif below] 

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